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A full-service company for all your pool and spa needs.

Swimming Pool Cleaning- Our pool cleaning services get your pool looking like new and your water sparkling! Our pool cleaning services include: clearing any debris that may have accumulated in the pool, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, cleaning the sides and brushing the pool tiles.
Swimming Pool Maintenance- Ensures that your pool is always safe and working whenever you want to go for a swim. Our pool maintenance services include: making sure all parts are in working order, cleaning out the skimmer and pump basket, maintaining ozone systems, checking the chemical levels (Phosphates, Total Dissolved Solid levels (TDS), Chlorine), providing up to 1 gallon of chlorine if required (included in maintenance fee), checking pH levels and providing chemicals to balance pH if required.
Swimming Pool Technician- All of A&A’s services are done by our team of experienced swimming pool and spa technicians who undergo courses ensuring they remain the best in the business. Before we do any work, we give you an honest quote up front, and we never charge you hidden fees.
Swimming Pool Repairs-Whatever is wrong with your pool, A&A can fix it. All of our repairs come with an honest, itemized quote before we begin any work. We will also explain the consequences of neglecting the problem. Our repairs services including a wide-ranging array of things, such as: Checking the motor to see if it’s working properly, and if not, highlighting and fixing the problem (including broken pipes, motor whining, dirty filter, broken pump or a leak).

We can check and repair any salt system—ensuring the correct amount of salinity gets into the pool, and any automated system—ensuring the correct chemical levels are maintained in the pool. We can also provide a leak detection and repair specialist, or a plastering specialist if needed.
Weekly Pool Cleaning- Keeps your pool clean year round! Once a week, our team goes to your house and thoroughly cleans your pool and performs the services listed above.
Spa Cleaning and Maintenance- Ensures your spa is clean whenever you want to entertain friends and guests, or just take a relaxing dip after a long day. Our spa cleaning services include: checking the chemical levels, ensuring you’re not using chemicals that could damage the fiberglass and clearing any debris. It is vital to have your chemical levels checked weekly so that no bacteria or algae is allowed to grow.
Spa Service and Repairs-Whatever problem your spa might have, A&A is your one stop shop! Our team of experts understands the vital differences in spas, including above ground spas and below ground pools, and the different types of materials which spas are made of.

Without understanding these differences, spas can chemically fail or break completely. Our spa maintenance and repairs services including fixing: broken heaters, lights, seals, grids and pumps.
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